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Spindola - Rotating Essential Oil Display


Our breathtaking spindola essential oil display is the perfect addition to your home. Show-off your oil collection is high-class style.

Made from wood, this rotating essential oil rack is modular. Each piece can be displayed separately or together. There are also two options for purchase, 2 or 3-tiered.

Our 3-tiered option holds 61 essential oil bottles, while the 2-tier choice holds 31 oils. With both options there are 6 spots for 5ml bottles.

This is bound to be your favorite wooden essential oil holder when the spindola is full of your oils and spending its time nestled on your coffee, end or sofa table.

Love to cook with essential oils? Purchase the 2-tier option to use this gorgeous essential oil display in the middle of the kitchen table or island. Fill it with your favorite spice and citrus oils for savory dishes, and healthy meals.

When you purchase the 3-tier option both the bottom and middle pieces have rotating bases. Allowing you to use it as two rotating essential oil racks. Us the extra space in the center of the bottom piece for supplements, sampling and blending supplies, or a potted plant.

• Purchasing options - 2 pieces or 3 pieces
• Each piece holds:
   - Top, 7 15ml bottles
   - Middle, 18 15ml bottles & 6 5ml bottles
   - Bottom, 30 15ml bottles
• Both the bottom and middle pieces have rotating bases (the middle piece is the bottom of the 2 piece option).

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