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4-Shelf Essential Oil Holder


With 4 shelves that completely slide out, this essential oil display is perfect to showcase your collection during a workshop or trade show.

This beautifully crafted essential oil display has 16 shallow holes to fit your 5 ml essential oils, 16 deep holes perfect for your 10 ml roller bottles, and 72 larger holes to put your collection of 15 ml essential oil bottles. With 104 total holes, you can store your essential oil collection all in one place.

The wooden essential oil display allows for easy access to your essential oils and rollers. With its sleek handles and sliding shelves, this essential oil display allows you to remove entire sections from the base to take with you or display out on a table. Not only is the essential oil shelf easy to use, but it’s helpful for those looking to organize their collection for easy selection. The four tiers help with separating your oils into sections and allow space for labels. This wooden essential oil shelf is both easy to use and pretty to look at, making it a permanent fixture in your home.


  • 4 shelves
    • two shelves hold 8-10ml roller bottles & 18-15ml bottles each
    • two shelves hold 8-5 ml bottles & 18-15ml bottles each
  • Holds a total of 72-15ml bottles, 16-5ml bottles & 16-10ml roller bottles
  • Dimensions: Length-15", Width-8", Height-14"